Hey guys, I want to say a BIG Thank-you to everyone who had a hand in this project! I’ve wanted to share my sincerest regards for helping me get my first music video out and foot off the ground as an artist. I cannot thank everyone individually but I do want to specifically thank my director Andrew and co-producer Spencer who always gave me good feedback and advice. Miray for lending such a lovely voice to the song. Britney for making everyone look good and to Erik Flowchild for capturing those moments. PLEASE take a moment to share this. It’s the best way to let me know we’re on the right track. Thank-you!

Download the EP Here: https://www.box.com/s/58b9cd307671d099dc81

Directed by Andy McQueen

Edited by Brian B.

Special Thanks


Brittany Morgan (Make-up)

Erik Flowchild (Photography)

Brian B.

Ides of Nowhere EP

Brian B. Music Group Inc.

www.brianbmusic.com // @producerbrianb

Copyright 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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